Agenda @ECTEL

The detailed programme will be available before the workshop.

The workshop will consist of two main parts, a fishbowl discussion to get the exchange started, and to give a chance to present own ideas. It is followed by a UX cafe in world cafe format, to provide ample opportunity to discuss interesting new ideas more thoroughly.A final session will summarize results and help organize teams for paper writing for the special issue of First Monday.

In a fishbowl discussion a selected panel of experts starts the discussion and is successively replaced by members of the audience. This allows for an intensive exchange of ideas and a larger number of people getting involved in the discussion. It lessens the distance between speakers and audience.

From the fishbowl discussion several issues will be identified to be discussed in more detail during the UX cafe. For a UX Cafe several tables for up to 4 people each are provided. At these tables the participants discuss between 1 to 3 questions and the answers are documented on the tables, which are covered with paper table cloth or flip chart paper. After 15-20 minutes the participants move on to another table and continue the discussion there - introduced by a host, who stays at the table and hands over the results from the previous group. The smaller size of the groups allows for the participants to have a more intense exchange of ideas, to get interested in each others opinion and to listen to each other. It is not about defending positions, but to get engaged in the topics. The results from the tables will be presented by the hosts at the end of the workshop.

The statements submitted by the workshop participants with their position papersĀ  will be up on the walls in the workshop venue to support the discussions. They will be accompanied by a set of posters provided by our colleagues from CSIR in South Africa, encouraging good discussion and exchange culture.